What do you get when you throw an Alaska born individual into a very dedicated San Antonio lifestyle and culture…? An extremely lyrical rapper who has a very developed and refined taste for sneakers! Baby Aztro keeps it all the way funky  with GroundSounds in the interview below!

-Wuts good big homie, how u feelin’?

Im breathin so thats a blessing in itself bruh.

-What are you currently working on music wise?

Right now its all about PBS-II. The follow up album to Phree-Bass Sampulz that I did with Mikey Strange. We also gotta music video for “Sekkin Hit Uv Phree-Bass” off the new album. It’ll be out this summer. Other then that… Pretty much it.

-What do you think separates you from every other artist in the game?

Ppl can relate…. Simple as that…. Im puttin shit out thats doesn’t require an identity that rich people or ghetto people need to fit…. Its normal subjects on what ANYONE does or would like to do… My whole aspect is makin shit on a vibe where it reaches all points of good content, playability and also longevity.

-Where did you get your style of rapping?…You don’t flow like the typical rapper from San Antone…

Idk…. Music that i bump and learn from comes from a wide variety…. Maybe because i wasn’t raised or born here… I was a military brat….  And to me my home before residing here of now 8 years was Anchorage Alaska… So i couldnt specifically say where my style came from.

– How do you feel about the state of Hip-Hop right now?

Being taken for granted… Everyone wants to put the blame on labels and shit now…. But honestly…. The listeners are killing it…. Confusing support of an artist as downloading a album and their free mixtapes… Not saying i feel the game has gone to shit, but i feel if the  state of it continues it will be just a non profit hobby or something. Not to mention the mentality of a lot of artist make it apparent that the music is a hustle no more no less.. But there are a good wave of niggas truly holdin it down though.

-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

More respected. Deeper in music and more focus than ever.

-Whose your favorite rapper of all time?

Big L. Then its Jay Z n Nas…

-What do you think about the current music scene in the 210?

Its there and it does exist. We actually have talented artist. But also what we need is support. From one another. Not saying we needa collab or rock stages together and hold hands and sing… But just uplift. Thats it. Also its bothersome when some here do have talent but would rather make music as a carbon copy of other solidified artist. Thats pathetic to me.

-Are you a part of ‘Lifestyle Music’ ?lnd

Yea. The thing is Lifestyle Music isn’t so much of a label but a collective group of artist with a common goal and mindset. Make good music an support one another.

-You were on NawfWest Nyce’s song “Business To Tend To” and also appeared in the video…you killed that verse my dawg!

Mannnnnn thanks alot man… Anytyme me and Nyce collab on somethibg everything just flows… If he picks out the beat and subject or if I do, we just build off that and its guaranteed the outcome will be ill. We also shot a video to that joint too! Shoutout the homie Xxpensive Taste!

-Your known for being a sneaker connesuier/fanatic/collector…how long have you been so deeply infatuated with the kick game?

Man yea I love shoes man, it really got started summer 2006. I was always into dressing in fly gear and what better way to set off an outfit then to have a dope pair a sneakers.

-What exactly is ‘Kicks On Tight’ ?!

Its a actually a sneaker crew and also a clothing brand… Im actually no longer apart of it anymore since it felt more of a burden then a benefit so i left it alone, but I’m still cool with everybody involved with it.

-Whats your biggest accomplishment music wise?/Sneaker game wise?

I like to think of the sneaker thang as a hobby type thang… Jus get nice shoes and thats it really….

But music wise… Best accomplishment was droppin a actual set album… That was Phree-Bass Sampulz with Mikey Strange… I had always wanted to do an album with original production… But always stalled. Strange was the one who got me out of that “mixtape phase”. Making a project with other artists beats, puttin time and effort on songs, just or it to get a quick listen from someone… Not to mention putting a time stamp on my music. So making a set album was my milestone 

-What are some of your hobbies outside of music and sneakers?

Art. I love to draw and been heavy on painting. I could do that shit all day with some good music playing i swear.

-If could choose any artist to collab with who would it be?

Jay Z or Nas. Period

-What is there to do in San Antonio, Texas?

Mannnnn what isn’t there to do. Fuck it just get faded and enjoy the culture man….

-Is there anything else you wanna tell your fans/listeners/readers/haters/hoes out there?!

Be ready for PBS-II…. I recorded this album with a mindset of hurting feelings and ready to step on toes. No lie. It touches on issues of mine, concerns in the rap game, and normal shit people can vibe to.

Now I wanna shout out Ground Sounds thanks for giving me my first interview,  wuttup to my homie Mikey Strange and pay attention to Lifestyle Music.